Momma Went To Work

This week one morning Ava got up and I was getting ready for the day and Jeremy had just gotten showered and Ava came in and said “Daddy go to work”, as she asks most mornings. Jeremy said “no, daddy is gonna stay home today!”, Ava got all excited and then asked me if I was going “bye-bye”. I responded that yes, I was, in fact I was “going to work”. I took a doula client that I really clicked with a decided to use it as trial run with having 2 kids. I had done some birth since Ava was born but hadn’t done any since having 2 kids. We got all our arrangements made for the day and I was off, pump in hand and thankfully the hospital was close so Jeremy brought Stella up to nurse a couple of times. It ended up being a long birth and I arrived home 18 hours later.

While I was gone I got texts like this….telling me my sweet baby woke up from a nap.

Or pictures of this..reminding me of the snuggles I was missing.

While I was there I had lots of time to think and miss my babies and husband. I realized how much I LOVE being home with my littles. I realized that I often take for granted that Momma doesn’t have to go to work. I have days where I struggle being the Mom I want to be and the thought does cross my mind that I miss going to work sometimes. Being able to turn work off and on and not have work be your life. Taking a doula client every couple of months is good for me, it reminds me of whats important. I LOVE birth and being able to support families at such an exciting time in their life. I feel so honored to be able to be a part of a miracle occurring. I don’t take lightly that my clients trust and value my opinion and advice. But I can’t describe how excited I am to drive home at 3am, take a shower, scoop my baby up, nurse her and snuggle to sleep with her by my side. It’s all about balance people! Today we have done lots of snuggling and kissing. I just can’t seem to get enough of my babies today and they really seem to feel the same way about there Momma.

I’m going to work harder to be in the moments that life brings. I don’t want to miss anything by wishing I was someplace else or doing something else. I don’t want to survive but strive in this season. I sure love my life! I mean really what job do you get to snuggle babies who are hours hold and then come home and snuggle your own?!?!

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4 Responses to Momma Went To Work

  1. lspradlin says:

    Totally feel the same!!!

  2. That is a pretty awesome thing!! Love the cooing noises newborns make! And your little ones are so sweet and adorable- I can understand your missing them so!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Looking forward to meeting you at Mamas Write tomorrow!

  3. Isn’t it amazing how leaving those little ones makes you so hungry for those moments of chaos that we just a few hours before were looking to getting away from 🙂 Being a mommy is the best! Love the blog! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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