All Things Hair

I owe you a follow-up to my no-poo journey. Well, it’s over. It was just that, a journey and I ended it. I told myself when I started that I would give it 6 weeks and if I wasn’t sold at that point I would go back to shampoo. 6 weeks came and went and I never got that “magic and amazing” hair that I’ve heard people get at the end of that time. It was extra work for me to prepare everything and well lets be honest, my hair doesn’t get styled and finished everyday at this stage of life. So having greasy hair in a knot on my head wasn’t an attractive look for me. You may have tried it and had a totally different experience. I hope so! I’ve decided that for me, I’m going to spend my time and energy eliminating toxins in other areas of our lives and stick to my toxic-chemical-amazing shampoo. Go ahead crunchy friends and judge away. 🙂 I found myself using my no-shampoo wash then getting out of the shower and putting chemical ridden mouse, root lifter and then finished with hair spray on my hair. Ha! I made myself laugh at that routine. Kind of counterproductive don’t ya think? 

I’m committing for 30 days to style my hair everyday. Some of those days a style might be a cute ponytail but I’m committing to putting effort into it. I have the time I just choose not to some days. I’m tired of feeling tired and drab looking and styling my hair is one thing I can do to feel fresh on a daily basis. Who wants to join me in this challenge? I know my husband will enjoy this challenge! 😉 I got about a foot of hair cut off this last weekend and am now learning to style a new hairstyle for me. I’m loving that it took me FIVE minutes to blow dry my hair. FIVE minutes people! I could never get it dry in less than 20 minutes before. Here is a corny mirror picture of my freshly styled hair!

 If you plan to join me in this challenge comment and let me know! Some times it just takes 5 minutes of our day to do something that will refresh us and brighten our days!


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6 Responses to All Things Hair

  1. I so get this. So much so, that Sunday I made a list of things that I have already forgone on a daily basis since becoming a mom so that I can take on 30-day challenges to reinstate them. Doing my hair was one of them. GO YOU!!!!! Your new cut and color are absolutely gorgeous and will hopefully make it a little more manageable for your busy mommy schedule.

    As for the no-poo thing. . . dang. Too bad it wasn’t what it is cracked up to be. I’m inching my way into it, starting with conditioner, but for now I use sulfate-free shampoo (that’s the most damaging chemical to your hair) and ACV for conditioner. So far: LOVE. Hope you can find a happy hair balance!

    • Hannah says:

      Rach, I hope you have great results! I know people who have done it and LOVED it. I may try it again in a different season of life and who knows, maybe I’ll have different results! 🙂

  2. I love, love, love your hair! I can’t believe how it changed your look. You’re beautiful, regardless of the cut, but this one was made for you.
    Looking forward to seeing you Friday…

  3. Susan Elizabeth Linville says:

    You look awesome, Hannah!
    You know what I love about you? You are willing to try new things….and if it doesn’t work….you are willing to cast it aside! You don’t stay in bondage over it!!!
    That is wisdom. And you get to try fun things! Love it!

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