Thankfulness {day 8}

Today I am thankful for nourishing and healthy food to feed myself and my family.  We have chosen to think of food as an investment into our health and therefore we can’t afford not to eat nourishing foods. We buy lots of organics and try to find the best local sources for meats. Sometimes it’s less convenient and often times it cost more money but I know we are healthier because of this. We are teaching our girls what foods are good for their bodies and which ones aren’t. We aren’t perfect and make exceptions and have treats when we want.

I’m grateful that Jeremy also values this and we make other sacrifices in order to eat well. I know in some parts on the country its harder to come by the foods we eat so I don’t want to take lightly the ability to drive down the road and get what we need.

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One Response to Thankfulness {day 8}

  1. wartica says:

    My family isn’t on the same path as me , but that won’t stop me from eating for nutrition , not comfort ; great to hear you and your family are giving back to your own well-being :))

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