Who Am I?

Hi! Welcome to a little window into my world! I’m a wife to my prince charming, a Momma to 2 little girls and the sweetest baby boy that ever lived. I love my life! I’m on a journey, a journey to change “normal”. I’ve never really been “normal”, nothing in my life has really happened the way you would imagine and I didn’t grow up in an average american home. For that I am grateful! Every fiber of my being goes against the norm and I woulnd’t want it any other way. I want being abnormal to be normal. This blog is a journal of our families journey to redefine normal. I hope you make a glass of tea, grab a healthy snack and stay a while. I want you to leave my blog inspired, not because I am something amazing or because I do all these “healthy” things but because I hope to ignite in you a desire to be abnormal. A desire to be comfortable in the skin God gave you and change the world using those abnormalities. A desire to be educated on life decisions and a desire to be ok with being a little weird! 😉 Thanks for stopping by and for joining me on this journey!


One Response to Who Am I?

  1. Debi says:

    Oh Hannah, this is so precious and so YOU! I love it. The birth pics of Stella are angelic.
    God be praised!

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